A New, Innovative, Safety Training Program

including Human Factors, designed for Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance organisations



Sam explains what the Safety Lifestyle program is all about and why it's a program that can change your life.

The Safety Lifestyle program is the result of over six years of successful courses delivered to aviation organisations, aimed at elevating standards, enhancing human factors awareness, and developing positive safety behaviours and safety leadership within your organisation.

Safety Lifestyle reflects a shared vision - a desire for safety to permeate every decision, action and interaction.

It’s about fostering a culture where team members actively look out for one another, tasks are carried out with safety at the forefront, and where the underlying intent is that safety becomes a personal value that people hold so that “everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.”


Safety Lifestyle is specifically designed for organisations that have a desire to streamline their current safety initiatives, positively influence the safety culture of their organisation and encourage, challenge, and empower individuals to re-look at the way they view safety, including human factors.

By implementing a Safety Lifestyle, you will experience a profound shift in safety culture - an evolution that embeds safety attitudes and values into the very fabric of your life and organisation, building upon the foundation you may have already established.

This program is incredibly unique and very different to what you may have experienced before.  

It's designed for those who are tired of the Same-Ol courses that just 'Tick-a-Box', it's for the bold who want to see training tangibly make a personal difference in the lives of those who enrol..... is that you?

A LIFESTYLE of safety thinking and behaviour that permeates through individuals working within the maintenance environment. Based on sound psychological principles and practices that ensure the learning delivered becomes established over time and influences positive safety throughout your organisation. 


User Stories

Find out how our two participants interacting with the Safety Lifestyle program they are a part of..... click each character to find out more...


Hosea is a mechanic. He has worked at Just-Fix-It for the past year and is working towards getting his licence. Hosea is enrolled on the Safety Lifestyle program. See how the program works for him on our Safety Lifestyle Methodology page



Gemma is a supervisor. She has been with the organisation for the past 5 years and has recently become a Team Leader within the past year. See how Gemma participates in the program on our Safety Lifestyle Methodology page